My two cents on Ello.

25 Sep

My two cents on Ello.

They don’t have feeds in or out. That means whatever you put in there, starting right now, is theirs. They won’t even share your stuff with you. That’s not a good deal. You shouldn’t accept that.

So Ello isn’t answering any question I can think of.

If they were open, then I would be interested. Because that means I could use my tools with it. At least with Facebook, there’s a lot of openness, I’m writing this using my software, and if I weren’t I could easily get it out (though honestly I haven’t tested that yet). Here’s a screen shot.

This is the same problem I have with people pouring love into Medium. I don’t care if they pay you to write there, then it’s just like Vox or Huffington Post or Quartz, Buzzfeed or any of a thousand other sites that employ writers. But if you do it thinking this is some cool way to publish, it’s the most uncool way! Really seriously wrong that people do this thinking they might be doing themselves some good. It’s the bad bargain tech companies always try to make with users. And users still fall for it.

Anyway, I’ll watch it, but I won’t invest in it. At least not yet. If you guys make them the new boss, then I guess I’ll have to. I hope you all get wise, instead. 😉

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